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Here is a testimonial we recently received from Mr MC:"I have seen three of the practice's dentists, and two hygienists in my time as a patient. They'... Read More
You can get a great dentist in Abingdon even if you live in London! Here is what Sophie Hague wrote about Dr Kanas recently:"Dr Kanas is always very ... Read More
I guess as you are reading this blog that you have already found your way to our website which promotes our dentist services in Abingdon and Oxford, h... Read More
Dr. C.F. said this about Ock Street Clinic's dental service in Abingdon this week:"The care provided by the clinic is always excellent and every time ... Read More
We received a very interesting thank you this week from a patient who had seen several dentists, both NHS and Private, and had struggled to find an af... Read More
Dr Patricia Pinches has just given Dr Kanas and the dental team at Ock Street in Abingdon a superb recommendation, here's what she said:"General impre... Read More
Dr Keene has just received another very nice compliment from a patient: Mrs RJ wrote on Wednesday 31st July:"I feel that coming to this practice is n... Read More
We just received a lovely thank you from a patient Mrs JS from Swindon:"Since having a bad dentist as a child I have never found one I felt happy with... Read More

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