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We have received some useful help from the British Orthodontic Society to help our orthodontic patients whilst we are closed during the Covid-19 crisi... Read More
Back in 2014, the Daily Mail made a bold claim: ‘Yes, you CAN have perfect teeth forever’. Here at Ock Street we agree that it is possible to mai... Read More
Casting an eye over the waiting room of an orthodontic surgery, one might typically expect to see rows of teenagers, wearing school uniforms and trail... Read More
Early Intervention Orthodontics  In the USA and Europe, orthodontists usually begin to treat children generally at an earlier age than in th... Read More
Brace Yourself 21-07-2014
We often associate braces with teenagers and the image of metal train tracks and bright coloured elastic bands wrapped around for decoration. Howev... Read More
Oxfordshire dentists study group Oxident hosted a cosmetic dentistry study day on Friday 15th June 2012. The team at Ock Street Clinic has a strong in... Read More
A new website has been launched by a group of hospital orthodontists to investigate the link between dental malocclusion and bullying. Malocclusion o... Read More
Tulisa has been in the dental news this week. The x factor judge has had 12 dental veneers and a gum lift (also known as crown lengthening) to make he... Read More
According to Heat magazine (22nd October 2011) Jordan had a smile makeover in the USA in 2007. She had a number of veneers fitted but since then has h... Read More

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