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If you’re heading down to Ock Street over the course of November, you might see an unusual sight. Yes, rather than it being a figment of your imagin... Read More
Today's headline news in dentistry has received justifiable national publicity today, ranking the third article on BBC's online newsfeed: http://www.b... Read More
New research has revealed the widespread prevalence of tooth wear and dentine hypersensitivity in young adults. In the ESCARCEL study 29.4% of the yo... Read More
This week we received an emailed newsletter from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in which they announced that the dental sector has performed very w... Read More
Recently we were asked by supply company, Evident to participate in a survey about how dentists make sure they can see properly when they examine teet... Read More
New rules are to be introduced on July 23rd that will change the way many cosmetic skin clinics operate their botox services. Botulinum toxin is used... Read More
The General Dental Council is to include the topic of oral cancer in its core curriculum of recommended subjects for the continuing professional devel... Read More
A terrible case of dental incompetence was reported in several newspapers this week.  This was the case of Piotr Reichel who fitted four dental i... Read More
The Times newspaper ran an article this week describing the latest trends in botox - the substance used to reduce or eliminate wrinkles on the face. ... Read More
Following the recent controversy surrounding PIP silicone breast implants there are moves within government to bring tear trough filler for dark rings... Read More

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