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We can all lapse in our habits and routines sometimes: we might have had a busy day, not be feeling 100% or a social engagement may have taken over. N... Read More
The leaves are starting to turn on the trees, and the nights are beginning to draw in. The school Summer holidays are over and the kids have gone back... Read More
Fear no more 08-09-2016
Whether it be the sound of the drill, or the smell of mouthwash that set you off, many of us feel a little anxious at the thought of going to the dent... Read More
Whilst the nation is gripped by the excitement of the Rio 2016 Olympics, the focus is very much on sporting success. As the medal haul creeps up, it's... Read More
This week the BBC reported on what was described as 'the biggest NHS patient recall in history', following the dangerous practices of a dentist in Not... Read More
Thanks to the Oral Health Foundation, shoppers can now make more informed choices when it comes to picking up oral health care and hygiene products fr... Read More
These days our TV screens and magazines often feature people with unusual body art: intricate tattoos, adaptations to body parts, and piercings in all... Read More
The good old British weather might not have done us any favours recently, but that didn’t stop the thousands who came to London to help the Queen ce... Read More
A recent study has found that there is a ‘statistically significant association’ between how seriously oral health is taken by those newly diagnos... Read More
In recognition of National Smile Month, a brand new project has been launched by The Wrigley Company. The Extra Smile Back project recognises the impo... Read More

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