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With the decorations coming down, and the last of the turkey now consumed, thoughts begin to turn to 2017. You might be considering your new year’s ... Read More
You are likely to have heard about the proposed sugar tax recently. UK soft drinks companies will be required to pay a tax on drinks, with the level o... Read More
With the shopping days left until the big day dwindling, the Christmas pressure may be starting to ramp up. It can be tricky to think of new ideas, es... Read More
For most of us, a trip to the dentist might mean a short drive or walk. We might start work a little late, or arrange our day to fit in with our appoi... Read More
Freshen up 28-11-2016
With the Christmas party season well under way, many of us are keen to look, and feel our best. Perhaps you’re dusting off your favourite shoes, or ... Read More
The nights may be drawing in and, as the last of this year’s fireworks fizzle out, you might be starting to think about Christmas. However, November... Read More
On visiting my dentist recently, they suggested that a visit to the dental hygienist would help support my oral health and hygiene. Having not visited... Read More
As we bring up our children, we’re full of hopes and wishes about what their future will be like. We also have worries about things they might exper... Read More
It might be a spoonful of ice cream straight from the freezer, or perhaps a hot drink: many of us suffer from the discomfort of sensitive teeth from t... Read More
Amidst all the controversy over the transfer to Channel 4, and the loss of Mary, Sue and Mel, the nation is still gripped by this year's series of The... Read More

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