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There is a network fault currently affecting Ock Street and we have temporarily lost our internet supply and email functions.We have been informed by ... Read More
As the festive season looms before us, many of us are keen to ensure we look our best. You might be shopping for a new outfit, or digging out somethin... Read More
As the nights draw in and thoughts turn to Christmas, you may be busy planning festive occasions and shopping trips. However, November is about more t... Read More
Media coverage over the years has left us all clear that smoking is bad for you. The government and NHS have been consistently working towards reducin... Read More
Gum disease can be a painful and uncomfortable experience. Initially characterised by gums that appear red and inflamed, bleeding when brushing teeth ... Read More
Focus on: Crowns 27-10-2017
In today’s article we’d like to let you know about crowns. Each year, we support many patients by providing them with crowns that help them to fee... Read More
Whilst many of us turn to facials, make-up and fancy creams to improve our appearance or increase our attractiveness, new research has suggested that ... Read More
In 2016, the NHS carried out 39 million dental treatments in England. NHS England reported that 95% of those people who were attempting to gain an app... Read More
Are you fed-up with your imperfect smile? Wondering what to do about that missing tooth? Tired of your ill-fitting dentures, but not wanting the gap i... Read More
In the past we have brought you details about the shocking number of children who, having only recently developed their adult teeth, are already begin... Read More

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