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Whilst orthodontic treatment may, in years gone past, have been associated with teenagers sporting brightly coloured ‘train track’ braces, things ... Read More
We all know from an early age how important is to brush our teeth every day, but when were you last taught how to brush properly? And did you realise... Read More
Recent research, published in the Peridontology 2000, appears to suggest that our teeth, and their condition, can tell us a lot about our overall heal... Read More
A recent study published in the American Journal of Dentistry has found that chewing just one additional piece of sugar-free gum each day could save ... Read More
Calling in sick? 12-06-2017
We all know that pain and discomfort, due to oral health problems, can be inconvenient at the best of times. Whether you’re awaiting or recovering f... Read More
As part of your routine dental check-ups, your dentist may sometimes recommend taking x-rays. In today’s article, we will be giving you information ... Read More
The Oral Foundation are about to launch their annual event, shining the spotlight on oral health care once more. That’s right, National Smile Month ... Read More
Every now and then, we hear the mention of ‘fluoride’ in relation to our drinking water supplies and our toothpaste. But how many of us actually k... Read More
This month we saw thousands of runners hit the streets of London undertaking what, for many, will be a once in a lifetime challenge. After many weeks ... Read More
The BBC reported this week on the worrying state of oral health for the youngest members of our population. The Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal... Read More

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