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Since we re-opened in June we have been working hard to see all those people who were waiting for treatment during the Covid lockdown.We are now all c... Read More
This evening, 28th May 2020, Boris Johnson has announced that UK dental practices are able to re-open with effect from Monday 8th June.  At ... Read More
We have received some useful help from the British Orthodontic Society to help our orthodontic patients whilst we are closed during the Covid-19 crisi... Read More
Covid-19 Crisis 22-03-2020
We are in the midst of an unprecedented crisis as the spread of the novel coronavirus threatens the health of the nation.  The Prime Minister has... Read More
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the team at Ock Street Clinic. This is the season of festivities and we all tend to over-indulge in all t... Read More
Over our adult life, many of us have dealings with wisdom teeth. But how much do you really know about them? Why are they there? Why do we sometimes e... Read More
On stepping into a branch of any coffee shop we can be overwhelmed by the huge array of choices that face us when it comes to placing our order. As we... Read More
Last Autumn the Nuffield Trust released a report which brought together a range of statistical data and information about the state of the nation’s ... Read More
With Christmas beginning to seem like a distant memory, thoughts are starting to turn to the Spring, and all that it brings. One of the early markers ... Read More
Following on from our recent article regarding the worrying rise in tooth extractions in children, we would today like to let you know about a step yo... Read More

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